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released March 23, 2016

recorded, mixed and mastered by Dexter, Leonardo Perez and dUNA at various locations:
SuperSize Recording, Törökbálint
Destroy The Humanity Studios, Moscow
Rehearsal room, Budaörs

artwork by Zsofi Toth


tags: blues Budapest


all rights reserved


dUNA Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: The Loner
Nowadays I'm talking to myself on the street loudly. Ignoring is just so raw. I am a lonely being. Hold yourself to the moment of solitude. I bite the tongue and stop at the crossroads to define what is life. This piece of shit life.
Track Name: Ravatal
All these’ve passed and I still don’t know if I had the right to stay the same, since at the end we’re just a bunch of memories. There were times when I heard myself: „You have to be a better man or I will destroy you!” but I’ve just ignored it and my conscience proved to be a lie. All these have passed and I didn’t realize I’ve got to turn away from myself since we’re just a bunch of memories.
Now I feel all my dreams have turned on me. My spine of memories is just too weak to bear the pain. My dreams are gone so I can stay the same. This hollow body of mine has another miserable day to live. I won’t lose my part though remembering hurts. I won’t lose my part though remembering hurts so bad.
I’ve got a theory that hasn’t changed over the years, and it is that you rot so there is no afterlife. You rot ’cause you gave it up. You just perish. You just rot and there is no afterlife. Dissolve in the mud, you just rot. You just dissolve in the mud.
Track Name: Rusted
We are standing in the way for the last time. From now on we are the way. With all my heart I will keep this. With all my strength I will keep this. Rusted in pain but the drums keep me going on with the chase to the void. I have doubts with the outcome but we keep on bothering.
Track Name: Burn
Test my strength! I inhale you. Cold shoulders and blood red eyes blinking. Warm hands that no one can depend on. This is a war against the lungs. This body is prepared for this. I don’t even trust these legs they lead me in the night drunk. Without control I clear my throat. The circle starts. Once again a chest is full of fog. Sit down! Breathe in! Hold on to the holy substance. Numbers are against all odds right now.
I'm one of the fools that can't believe that it won't last forever. We thought this… this is not the day we die. Tears are falling because you don't care it won't last forever. Smoke runs deep in the vein of boredom. Burn the beast! I’m done fooling around. I’m done. I’ve done my time I’ve done. Burning paper rockets growing from the sky. Inhale. Feel the tunnel pulling you under the ground. Woods in the depth keeping you alive. It died out. Give me some light. It died out in my hands.
Give me some light.