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This is our second full length album. Dedicated to the friends and family we have lost.


released July 12, 2013


tags: blues Budapest


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dUNA Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: ENDTHEM
Show me the shadow of denial and I show you a worried man. Show me the light of death and I show you a crying man. Beware of me because I'm the biggest loser you have ever seen. I'm going to take you down. I create weapons. I'll try to be the worst and find you to eat you alive. There is a place to fly now. I don't feel like I'm the dullest but I'm feeling it the most. You should have seen us when we were strong and loud.
If you are playing at the heights of music your soul gets out of your body and the big computer takes over. If you are playing at the heights of music you are free.
You stupid ass don't ever dare to stand on stage again. Your appreciation is nothing. You are just here to nod to your friends. You are just a fool with a guitar in his hands. Your ass-licking technique needs less practice than that. Here people with thoughts are waiting for the opportunity. Here we are and we know and yet we can not break the circle. Our burden is getting harder to carry. This situation is getting worse. The only art you know is knowing the right person. What keeps you warm is lying. Now beware because the people are here to take vengeance for all those years you've been toying with open thoughts and hearts. You've wasted precious money, time and energy of the people in the audiences. They've been hungry through those years. You are just a fool with a guitar in his hands. Beware! Our time's here. We don't eat. We don't sleep beacause the time is here. You are burning. We are going to crash.
Second year in this bittersweet paradise. Second year that you are not here with me. And I can't help myself I'm so lonely. Time is passing by without love. What I want is only you. You left me here, now you are not here. You left me here, now you are dead. Miss you because you're dead. I love you because you are gone. I miss you much. I want you in my arms.
Yes I knew you lived and you were fine. Too abstracted to approach. A familiar face walking down the street. He looks like my dead friend. Oh my God! This is just a scam. He's dead. I just could not believe. I was told he was dead. I want them to die and stop existing as such. Words could not express the hatred I feel towards you, God. I just can't believe how so many people came to the street with one familiar face just after a friend of mine had died.
Die! I don't want the heaven to fall down. If we beg to fall on something we are going to fall. We began to fall on something. We are going to fall on something. This is so fucked up you can spit yourself in the mirror. You are fucked up. I want you to know that you don't see me. I sleep only well when my hands are around your neck and I feel your skull is heavy. She is a terrible monster and I pray for her to die. She is a monster and I'm praying for her death.